NHL Hockey returns this weekend.... but have the fans?

After a long lockout, the NHL’s regular (albeit shortened) season begins tomorrow as all seven Canadian teams take to the ice. And a quick peek at Google Trends suggest that Canadian hockey fans’ long winter of discontent may be over, as hockey-related searches surge across the country.

2013 vs 2012

Looking at the last 90 days, NHL-related searches were over 100 percent higher over the same time period last year. However, following news of the lockout ending, search activity has spiked, and NHL searches are almost exactly where they were at this time last year.

Maple Leafs Searches on Google 2013 vs 2012

Searches for the Buds have jumped over 900 percent from where they were just a few short weeks ago. This week they surpassed Maple Leafs related searches when compared to the same time last year.


While NFL-related searches have outpaced NHL searches over the past 90 days, it looks like the professional hockey is gaining on football despite increasing NFL playoff-related searches.