Super Bowl vs. Stanley Cup
How much do Canadians love the Super Bowl? According to Google Search Trends, Canadians search for the “Super Bowl” more than we search for our beloved Stanley Cup. In 2012, there were twice as many searches on Google for ‘Super Bowl’ in Canada than ‘Stanley Cup’. And as we get closer to the championship game this weekend, search activity is once again on the rise. In the last 7 days alone, Google searches in Canada for ‘Super Bowl’ have risen more than 480%.

Ravens vs. 49ers - Search Showdown
Searches for the Ravens and the 49ers are in a dead heat in the US. But it’s a different story in Canada, where searches for the Baltimore Ravens are outpacing 49ers searches by 45 percent. As we’ve seen in years past, geographic allegiances seem to factor into search activity as British Columbia is showing the highest search rates for the San Francisco 49ers and Ontario has the highest volume of Baltimore Ravens Searches. Nationally, Nova Scotia is leading all provinces in searches for “Super Bowl”.

Battle of the Brothers
In Canada, searches for 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh are outpacing searches for his brother, and Ravens head coach, John Harbaugh by 85 %.

Cue the Commercials
In 2012, Canadians searched for ‘super bowl commercials’ on both Google and YouTube more than any other country in the world, including the U.S. In each of the last two years, PEI and Ontario searched the most on Google for “super bowl”; yet, Saskatchewan and Alberta recorded the highest volume of searches for ‘super bowl commercials’

Super Bowl of Calories
What's your game day menu? Canadian Google searches for “Chicken Wings” peak every year during the week of the Super Bowl.