This post is part of a special series exploring the challenges and opportunities Canadian innovators face in today’s global marketplace.

As of yesterday, Justin Bieber has more twitter followers than Canada has people!

Justin Bieber, who turns 19 years-old this Friday, is the original YouTube success story, and one of the biggest innovators in recent entertainment history.

The Stratford, Ontario native was the first major music discovery on YouTube and his success provided the template for millions of YouTube users seeking to emulate his meteoric rise from anonymity to global star.
For the entertainment industry, Bieber's career trajectory validated an entirely new business model, where the barriers to entry were leveled like never before. Last year Justin Bieber was honoured with a  Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Award, which celebrates successful disruptive innovation. 

Justin Bieber showed the world you could become a household name if you had a webcam, talent... a
nd, let's face it, some great hair.

Fun Bieber facts

  • Justin Bieber is the most searched Canadian in Google's history.
  • Justin Bieber's Baby is the second most popular video of all time on YouTube with over 830 million views (Gangnam Style is the only video with more views).
  • Justin Bieber’s channel has racked up three-and-a-half billion views, making it YouTube’s most popular.
  • Despite his Canadian roots, Justin Bieber is truly a global phenomenon. Canada doesn't appear in even the top 10 countries searching for Justin Bieber.
Posted by Aaron Brindle, Google Canada