Canada has always been known for producing amazing comedic talent. Recently, YouTube announced their first ever Comedy Week, scheduled for May 19-25.  It’s no surprise there are a number of Canadians on the roster of comics that will take over YouTube, including Epic Meal Time, Seth Rogen, Michael Cera, and Norm Macdonald.

Comedy is extremely popular on YouTube, with 7 out of 10 of the most popular channels being comedy focused. Leading up to Comedy Week, take the time to discover some new Canadian comedic talent on YouTube, from pranksters, to sketch comedy troupes, to vloggers. Here are some of the top ten Canadian Comedy Channels on YouTube (in no particular order)

Kenny Hotz
Peter Chao
Mehdi Sadaghdar
Just for Laughs

YouTube creates opportunities for people to express themselves creatively, and Canadians from across the country are sharing their talent not only with other Canadians, but with audiences across the globe.

For one week, YouTube will be the ultimate comedy club; tune in May 19th as we kick off YouTube Comedy Week with a live, all-star comedy variety show with a global livestream on Sunday at 5pm PT/8pm ET at for the week-long comedy lineup.